The Story behind the Willingale Sports and Social Club


WSSC was formed following the closure of our village pubs. In 2003 after a group of 4 people who were involved with the Village Hall Committee (VHC) set up a sub committee to investigate the possibility of opening a bar for limited periods in the Cleminson Room & offer sporting and recreational games in the main hall.

There was a group of four people which included Barry Freeman, Brian Patient, Iain Ballantyne and Ian Kerwin who set about understanding what was required to get a licence to sell alcohol. Barry led on this and proposed the formation of a ‘private members club’, which met all of the requirements. Shortly afterwards Dave Gordon and Rod Hancock joined the team and began formulating plans to start the Club.

For various reasons it was concluded by the VHC and the WSSC that this should be a separate entity and operate as a hall hirer, rather than as part of the VHC which proved to be a strategically sound decision from both points of view.

The starting of the Club required significant financial investment and this was funded privately by the team themselves with the principle investment being the building of the cellar to house the stock and the mechanics of the draught beer and lager supply.

The event was extremely well attended and the late Mrs Cleminson cut the ribbon. The Cleminson family had been very involved in the development of the hall and the Cleminson room was named in their honour.

Since then we have functioned very successfully as a private members club with several enhancements & refurbishments significantly altering the appearance of the bar area over the years. Originally we served through a small hatch which was then replaced by a larger bar opening providing an improved experience for our bar volunteers and members. In 2015 we also benefitted fromthe major development of the Cleminson roomwhich saw it double in size as well as creating a separate kitchen area. This development also provided us with an inbuilt cellar replacing the old one which served us well for many years.

WSSC is totally reliant on volunteers to run and staff the bar in addition to planning, organising and supporting a wide variety of events. We are very inexpensive to join & a membership form is available for download from this website.

The committee, past & present, take great pride in the creation of a friendly and welcoming environment in the club as well as enjoying wonderful relationships with other village organisations.

The current club committee comprises of:

ChairmanSteve McFaul
SecretaryVanessa Robinson
TreasurerClare McFaul
Bar ManagerJoe Bianchi
Membership SecretaryGemma Crouchman
Village RepresentativeIain Ballantyne
Village RepresentativeJason Rudd
Village RepresentativeDarren Rowlands
Village RepresentativeJean Beavis
Village RepresentativePhil Storey
Village RepresentativeRon Cooper