A history of the bells

Although the tenor bell was cast in 1610 the ring of six with their frame and wheels date from restoration in 2011/12 before which there were four bells plus a service bell.  The bells had not been rung on wheels since before WWII.

In mid 2008 patch repairs were carried out but the four were unsatisfactory requiring a full restoration.

The restoration project adopted traditional materials and techniques – the frame is made of oak, the headstocks iroko and the bells retain their cannons.  Both frame and the wheels were made by volunteers here in Willingale and almost all work in the tower, including the lowering and raising of the bells, was carried by volunteers. The bells were augmented to a ring if six by the addition of a new treble and the adoption a bell formerly hung in St. Mary’s, Prittlewell as the second.

Fuller details of the restoration here [hyper link]

A video of the restoration can be viewed here

After the restoration it became apparent that there was a flaw in the fourth bell and it was changed for fuller details [hyper link]